At Calvary, we understand and affirm that we are a SENT People (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8; Mark 16:15 et. al.) 

In our approach to fulfilling our mission as a sent people, we divide up our engagements in three broad categories:

EQUIP. We see it is a critical task to help others fulfill their God-given ministry by becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus. That necessarily requires us to give attention to growing individually and as a community in our knowledge and application of the Scriptures and in the application of that knowledge as we serve one another and the broader community.

IMPACT. There is an inherent responsibility on our church to engage and make a difference in our community. Our Impact Ministries are diverse and include serving our local schools. Some of the ways we do that include: 

  • FUEL Ministry. Here we provide weekend food for students at Bellview Elementary that are identified by teachers and administrators as not having sufficient resources to eat when not in school. We prepare weekend "backpacks" of food for over two dozen children and their siblings at home. 
  • Baccalaureate Services. We have a sustained partnership with West Florida and Pine Forest High Schools to host baccaluareate services for graduating classes. 
  • School Concert Venues. Several schools use our facilities to perform concerts and recitals as part of their school curriculum. 
  • Medical Care. We provide financial and volunteer resources to support medical services for some of the most impoverished neighbors in our city through our partnership with Health and Hope Clinic. 
  • Homelessness/ Substance Abuse. We partner with the Waterfront Rescue Mission in various ways to address this deep need in our community. 
  • Adoption/Foster Care/Orphan Care. Through our partnership with the FLorida Baptist Children's Home, we are active in addressing these deep needs in our community.

INFLUENCE. Calvary cannot be everywhere at all times. However, we recognize that we have a responsibility to address lostness in areas beyond our city as part of our Lord's Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). As a church, we have a rich legacy of church planting and missionary efforts where we provide resources (money, volunteer teams, support, and coaching) to strategic partners around the globe. SOme of these partnerships include: 

  • International Mission Board. Through financial and other partnerships we participate in missionary efforts with a field force of more than 3,500 missionaries around the globe. 
  • North American Mission Board. Through financial and other partnerships, Calvary is engaged in planting churches in some of the least evangelized regions and cities in America. 
  • New York. Calvary supports church planting efforts and church plants through the Hudson Baptist Association in Upstate New York.