Gospel Conversations

We recognize that LIFE is unpredictable and that, at times, many of us find ourselves living in situations we would never have dreamed. The question of the hour is, "Can anything be done to change my circumstances or my ability to deal with them?" 
Check out this helpful video that explains a bit of how we "got here" and how God has purposed to bring alignment back to our lives. 
 After watching this video, you may ask yourself, "Is this possible for me?" 
Our pastor or any of our staff would consider it a privilege to sit down with you over a soda, coffee, or even a cup of water and show you how you too can have meaning and purpose restored and the beauty of life as INTENDED become a REALITY in your life. 
Would you take the next step and email Pastor Walt Magaha to set up a time to visit together? 
May God bless you richly as He pours out His abundant grace on you.