What is Baptism? 

Depending on your background or church tradition, the practice of "baptism" may conjure up any number of pictures or ideas in your mind. 

In our "First Steps" Membership track, here is what we say about baptism. 

  • Baptism does not cause salvation. Salvation is accomplished by Grace through Faith (Eph 2:8-9). Salvation is normally followed by baptism, except in some extreme cases (i.e. physical impossibility, as in Luke 23:42-43)
  • Baptism does not remove sin.
  • Baptism is an Act of Obedience (Matthew 28:19). 
  • Baptism is a testimony of God’s Saving Grace applied to an individual’s life (Romans 6:3-5). 
  • Baptism is only rightly administered as an act of obedience, following one's personal decision to repent of sin and yield to Christ's leadership in his/her life; therefore, we do not practice infant baptism (paedobaptism). 
  • Baptism, rightly administered, occurs in the biblical model which is ALWAYS by immersion. Baptism means IMMERSION. (the Greek Word BAPTIDZO). Some churches see baptism as only SYMBOLIC, and choose to choose to replace IMMERSION with SPRINKLING or POURING. The best practice, and the only biblical evidence is for the practice of immersion. Therefore, this church practices baptism by immersion. 

Most significant to the discussion is WHY people should and do choose to be baptized. Take a moment to watch these video testimonies of recent baptism candidates at our church. 

We would LOVE to discuss baptism further with you if you wish. Contact Clay, our Minister to Students, by email or through the church office at 850-944-6213.